Eliminate Expense Reports with Finvari and Foundation!

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  • Finvari and FOUNDATION allow expense management to fit seamlessly into your existing workflows.
  • Filter expenses by FOUNDATION-specific codes like cost class and divisions.
  • Once coded, easily import expenses into FOUNDATION’s Accounts Payable Module where all information remains with each expense, including coding, merchant and any comments from the card holder or approvers.
  • You can also turn on advanced features that enable Finvari to match vendors from expenses to vendors in FOUNDATION.
  • To learn more about the Finvari + FOUNDATION integration click here.
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  • Mobile alerts when an employee uses their card, allowing them to code the expense, attach receipts and fully submit
  • Automatic filtering of GL, job, phase and expense codes so employees only see those that are relevant to them
  • Dynamic and granular spend controls for each card, which can be based on seniority, role, merchant category, monthly/weekly/daily spend, online or international purchases.